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Released: 24th July 2000.

Fe-m@il - Flee Fly FloHot on the heels of Girl Thing, could these girls finally be the 'new Spice Girls'? They get full marks for originality, though the song itself is a bit strange. I'll admit I don't really like the track, but at least they're doing something new instead of just jumping aboard the 'Spice Wannabe' bandwagon. They're from the same record label as Britney, Steps and the Backstreet Boys, so I wouldn't write them off just yet.

* * * (DS)

This year's Vanilla are here and they're almost as bad as Girl Thing. Except you can really laugh at this one. It's a fun, catchy, annoying pop tune that is completely unoriginal and cheesy. It's definitely not going to be a hit, which means that I quite like it. Or maybe not.

* * (Tom Hall)

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