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Released: 16th February 2004.

Alex Parks - CryNow is the time for Alex Parks to prove herself. The Fame Academy winner managed a massive hit with her debut single, and the album has sold well. However, can she land a second big hit with "Cry"? It's every bit as good as her previous single, if not better, but slightly less exposure will probably mean that she's at best lower down the Top 5. Still, this is a ballad of epic proportions, and with a bit of luck, she won't be crying come Sunday.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

I never watched Fame Academy all that much, but I did notice that Alex had a more outstanding voice than the rest of the wannabes. Alex has managed to make a transition very early on in her career into an artist who can hold her own. After hearing this song once, I had to buy the album, because it's heartfelt, sung beautifully and displays the raw emotion that she seems to do so well. It's marvellous, just bloomin' marvellous.

* * * * * (Mr Kwes)

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