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Released: 7th August 2000.

Janet Jackson - Doesn't Really MatterJanet's back! It's been two years since we last had a solo single from her, and this is a great comeback. "Doesn't Really Matter" is a fantastic R&B/pop track which is both addictive and catchy, and should put her back in the upper reaches of the chart. Unfortunately she isn't releasing a new album just yet, but in the meantime, this single should fill the void.

* * * * * (Zaki Jumahri)

Once again Ms Jackson comes up with a fresh and funky style of R&B that's never really been done before, with the first single from the soundtrack to her new movie "The Nutty Professor 2". The vocals are very light, fitting in perfectly with the sentiment of the song: "Doesn't really matter what the eyes see, 'cos I believe in the inner being." However, it has a funky beat which constantly changes tempo, allowing Janet to do what she does best: perform!

* * * * (CJB)

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