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Released: 12th April 2004.

Bellefire - Say Something Anyway"Say Something Anyway" is the long-awaited return from Irish vocal harmony group Bellefire. Having hit the charts in 2001 with "Perfect Bliss", they were dropped after just two singles and lost a member along the way. Fast-forward to 2004, and things might finally be on the up for the trio. This Radio 2 friendly, unashamed pop song, grabs you from the start, and gets better with every listen. It would be nice to see them equal their Top 5 success in Ireland here in the UK, but I suspect we might have to wait a little longer. Let's just hope they don't give up and leave us waiting another three years!

* * * * * (Ben Cook)

Not many people remember Bellefire. They arrived ages ago and were set to be the next big thing - only that didn't happen and they vanished down the pop toilet. Now they're back, minus one member, with a very catchy new single. "Say Something Anyway" is a dramatic, summery pop tune, and although none of them are Mariah Careys in the vocal region, it's still a cute, bouncy song. This won't set the charts alight, nor will it save the Irish belles' career, but it's harmless, inoffensive pop, albeit with no punch.

* * * (Chris Evans)

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