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Released: 7th June 2004.

Janet returns from the disaster that was "Just A Little While" with a double A-Side smash. "All Nite" is a bass-led monster that'll make you want to dance till you drop. With an excellent video that sees Janet going back to her classic "Rhythm Nation" style dance sequences, it begs the question why this is a double A-Side when it clearly doesn't need to be! "I Want You", on the other hand, sees Janet team up with Kanye West on an irresistible ballad that harks back to classic R&B tracks and uses a Burt Bacharach sample. Both excellent tracks that are worthy of individual release, the cream of her great "Damita Jo" album.

* * * * * (Marc-Cork)

Janet Jackson is back with a double A-side of two stand out tracks from her highly underrated "Damita Jo" album. "All Nite (Don't Stop)" is an infectious, funky and ultra-sexy song, ready to fill dancefloors around the globe with its sultry groove and shocking lyrics. However, "I Want You" is the most deserving of attention. A slow jam produced by Kanye West, it's built around a Burt Bacharach sample which gives the song an irresistible and classy 60s feel. Janet puts her soul into both tracks, resulting in an excellent single which should give her a well-deserved hit.

* * * * * (Xevi)

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