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Released: 28th August 2000.

Made In London - Shut Your MouthHailing from all over the globe, this trio of ladies came together in London and formed the group. Their average age is higher than your typical girl group, and it shows in their mature sound. "Shut Your Mouth" is an acoustic-lead track which swiftly moves between laid back verses and a hard-hitting chorus. Not as instant as their debut single "Dirty Water", but good quality stuff! Keep listening 'cos it will definitely grow on you.

* * * * (CJB)

Not the most obvious choice for a single from their forthcoming album "A Perfect Storm". Slow, slightly funky verses contrast with the gentle rants of the chorus, 'All that you have got to do is shut your mouth and touch me'. A reasonable song, but perhaps not strong enough to follow "Dirty Water".

* * * (Stephen Moore)

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