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Released: 4th September 2000.

Aaron Carter is back, now 12-years-old, and with an ever so slightly deeper voice. He's decided to cover the classic track "I Want Candy", but although it was great the first time around, it's very worn and tired now. The chirpy little pop star could do better (maybe), though this is probably his best single so far. The video is amusing, but isn't he a bit young to be going out on dates?

* * (Robert Black)

Following a two year break, Aaron Carter, who first hit our charts in late 1997 with the Top 10 hit "Crush On You", returns with another lame attempt. Now rapidly approaching 13, he releases "I Want Candy", which of course has been a massive hit on The Box, but has not received any airplay. It's a very bad song and he'll be lucky if it makes the Top 20.

* (Ben Cook)

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