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Released: 18th October 2004.

Most of the songs on Björk's latest album have to be heard with a pair of headphones to be fully enjoyed and this one is no exception. No instruments at all here, just voices, hums, groans and all kinds of sounds a human mouth can produce coming at you from every corner of the aural spectrum. The bridge links the melodic verses to the climactic chorus very nicely, which makes the song almost commercial by Björk's standards, in spite of its overall weirdness and uniqueness. "Who Is It" is a masterpiece that record buyers will probably ignore, although Kelis' presence on the B-side duet "Oceania" might help sales a bit.

* * * * * (grybop)

Few artists are capable of mustering and fusing together different musical styles, and Björk is definitely one of them. Lifted from her current album "Medulla", "Who Is It" boasts a combination of indie, R&B and dance influences all into one song. Sadly though, this will be very lucky to even make the Top 40.

* * * * (Terence)

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