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Released: 4th September 2000.

Sonique - SkyAfter the absolutely massive success of "It Feels So Good", it's time for Sonique's all important second single. The former was No. 1 for three weeks, and she could top the chart again with this fantastic grower. It's similar in style to "It Feels So Good" in some ways, though perhaps better. With powerful vocals, stomping beats and a great atmosphere, it's obvious Sonique will be around for quite some time.

* * * * * (Robert Black)

Sonique returns to follow up the massive single "It Feels So Good" with a much better song. "Sky" is a sort of dance/trance track, similar in style to her previous one. It's been getting plenty of radio airplay, so this will almost certainly be a Top 10 hit next week.

* * * * (Ben Cook)

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