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Released: 1st November 2004.

Jamelia - DJ / Stop2004 has been a great year for Jamelia. She's already had two Top 5 hits this year, and this double A-Side is a strong contender for her third. "DJ" isn't a bad song, but it's fairly generic stuff and is nowhere near her best. The real winner here is the fantastic cover of "Stop". Jamelia's vocals shine as she hits all notes high and low on this great reworking of the Sam Browne classic. Releasing in such a busy week may hinder the chart position, but that doesn't stop this being one of Jamelia's strongest songs yet.

* * * * * (Dazzle)

"Superstar", "Thank You" and "See It In A Boy's Eyes" have all been Top 5 hits from Jamelia's platinum album "Thank You", and now she's back with its fifth single. "DJ" isn't the strongest track she could have released, what with its pretty effortless beat and clichéd lyrics about wanting to dance - nothing we haven't heard before. "Stop", on the other hand, is an amazing track, with a soulful sound and stunning vocals. The fact that it's taken from the new "Bridget Jones's Diary" film won't work against it either. All in all, a good package that will please the Jamelia fans waiting for a new album from her.

* * * * (Twixy)

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