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Released: 18th September 2000.

Anastacia - I'm Outta LoveAlready a huge hit in Europe, the big voice of Anastacia finally hits the shores of Britain. "I'm Outta Love" is an extremely catchy, upbeat track with a slight retro, disco vibe. It's the kind of song that will have you singing along in no time, but what will really get it noticed is the amazingly distinctive voice of Anastacia. She's been compared to the likes of Macy Gray, but the truth is this lady's voice is far more powerful and packed with soul.

* * * * * (CJB)

She's caused a storm all over the world, and now Anastacia looks set to do the same in the UK with her addictive and catchy debut single. She co-wrote the song, and even Michael Jackson counts himself as a fan. Her voice is on top form, the song is fast and deeply contagious, and before long you should find yourself singing along. Let's hope this is an indication of good things to come.

* * * * * (DS)

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