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Released: 18th September 2000.

Mariah Carey feat. Westlife - Against All OddsOne of the stand out tracks on Mariah's "Rainbow" album is "Against All Odds", and I was therefore really looking forward to the single with Westlife's added vocals. However, I have to say I'm disappointed. While the guys' performance is great, their boy band harmonies seem to take away the atmosphere of the album version. Westlife fans will lap it up but I think that was Mariah's plan; I mean, when was the last time she had a UK No. 1?

* * * (CJB)

While some covers this year have been inspired (like Aurora's cover of "Ordinary World"), this is just dreadful. Mariah's warbling and Westlife's straining make for a barbaric three and a half minutes. But it's Westlife, so it's No. 1 before it's even been released. But I hope their luck has finally run out.

* (Rob Lynch)

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