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Released: 10th January 2005.

After receiving high praise for her Top 30 debut release "Everything I've Got In My Pocket", Minnie Driver returns with single number two from the album of the same name. Like Kasabian's latest single, she too is walking down a street in disguise in the video. As for the song, it's not too bad - a bit like Katie Melua's "Crawling Up A Hill". Anyone who didn't like the first single may be lured into getting the album this way.

* * * * (Gigabeata)

Minnie Driver has managed to emerge as a girl with a fantastic voice. However, there's a bitter irony in the title of this track, as it's impossible to hear her songs either on the radio or on any of the music TV channels. Hopefully the public will eventually wake up to her sheer talent.

* * * * (Sean Faye)

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