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Released: 10th January 2005.

The Killers - Somebody Told MeIt's taken a year of blanket airplay, but finally, The Killers have decided to re-release their first ever Top 40 hit, "Somebody Told Me". Put simply, this is exactly what a modern rock anthem should be - it's got amazing guitar work, and an instantly memorable tune. It's one of those ones you could imagine will have an entire crowd singing the chorus back to them at whatever festival they do. In such a dead week, it's a surprisingly strong contender for the 1000th No. 1 of all time.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

From their amazing album "Hot Fuss", The Killers are back with a re-release of their debut single. "Somebody Told Me" is energetic and performed splendidly, but it doesn't quiet have the longevity of their sublime previous singles "Mr Brightside" or "All These Things That I've Done".

* * * * (Paul Matthews)

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