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Released: 10th January 2005.

Rooster - Staring At The SunRock anthem alert! Yes, Rooster are back, and with a song that's just as good as their previous offering, although this one takes a bit longer to grow on you. For their second single, they show how good they are on the ballads, with an anthemic song that proves they're much more than one-hit-wonders. Mark my words, Rooster are going to be one of the biggest bands of 2005.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

Following up "Come Get Some", the best Maroon 5 tribute band return with another surprisingly good record. The lyrics in particular are very emotive, and the song is well produced. However, while Nick Atkinson's vocals are well-rounded, they aren't spectacular, and unfortunately this lets the song down a little.

* * * (Paul Matthews)

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