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Released: 17th January 2005.

Athlete - WiresAfter only one live appearance at the V festival last August, Athlete return with the first single from their forthcoming new album "Tourism". "Wires" is probably their best release to date, and in my opinion, should be a strong contender for their first No. 1 this week. Imagine if you took an old Coldplay track, gave it a bit more emotion, beauty and an anthemic quality, and this is what you'd get. Welcome back guys!

* * * * * (Gigabeata)

After the beautiful, fun, happy songs like "El Salvador" and "You Got The Style", expectations were high for another really good fun song... and then this came along. I assume they're broadening their style, and including more personal songs like this. "Wires" is all about a relative of one of the band who was critically ill in hospital, hence the wires coming in and the wires going out of your skin. Anyway, this remarkably downbeat song is the new "Match Of The Day" theme, so it could be surprisingly big.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

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