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Released: 17th January 2005.

Ciara - GoodiesThe debut release from this slick, Beyoncé lookalike, "Goodies" has already set the States alight, and looks set to do the same in the UK. An addictive beat is its driving force, with a great backing track that keeps you nodding along. The lyrics are smooth, sassy and sexy, while the chorus is enticingly seductive and works its magic well. Ciara strays away from the rather slutty style exhibited by her peers, yet she manages to remain slick. This easily deserves to be rewarded with the No. 1 spot.

* * * * * (westhammer)

Ciara's huge US chart topper "Goodies" finally gets a release here, but do we really need more mechanical, predictable, American R&B rubbish like this? The Irritating yet club-friendly production unsuccessfully masks Ciara's transparent, soulless vocals and Petey Pablo's forgettable rapping, while the lyrics are just pure nonsense.

* (Paul Matthews)

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