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Released: 18th September 2000.

Pink - Most GirlsFollowing up the Top 10 smash "There You Go", Pink returns with her second single, "Most Girls". As with her debut, this track is a fast-paced, energetic R&B number with a fine vocal performance from the lady herself. Certain aspects are very much like Jamelia'a "Money", for example, the opera singer sample and kettle drums. Female empowerment is the subject, and it's sure to strike a chord. There can be no doubt Pink is here to stay!

* * * * (CJB)

Judging by her last single, Pink is someone not easily pleased. This, her second single, confirms that, while having its own unique set of sounds and growls ("ohh ohh", "ching ching", etc). Anyway, it's a fantastic track, and should be able to hit the Top 10 easily. The only downside is that it sounds a little similar to "There You Go", as does much of her "Can't Take Me Home" album.

* * * * (Zaki Jumahri)

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