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Released: 17th January 2005.

From the voice behind LMC Vs U2's massive dance hit comes Rachel McFarlane with this new disco-style track. "Lover" is a good dance song with a catchy and memorable chorus. This lady can sing, and she really belts out the lyrics! Unfortunately the video is pretty dismal, but luckily doesn't take away from the song. However, where this track fails is in its somewhat lacklustre beat, which doesn't quite have the power needed to get everyone on the dancefloor. Still, it's one of my favourites this week, and hopefully it can enter the upper regions of the Top 20.

* * * * (westhammer)

Being one of the bestsellers of 2004, "Take Me To The Clouds Above" has given Rachel McFarlane the idea to re-release her No. 38 hit "Lover". The idea was not a good one however. Although vocally, Rachel is pretty good, it doesn't help her here. The track is so dull, repetitive and boring that I can hardly see anyone buying, listening or dancing to it. As for the video, Rachel somehow manages to make herself look like a clown. Oh dear. Everything about "Lover" is bad, and it deserves to be forgotten as quickly as possible.

* * (Ilya Khorkov)

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