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Released: 17th January 2005.

Lucie Silvas - Breathe InAfter the release of her ballad "What You're Made Of", Lucie Silvas returns with "Breathe In", the second single from her debut album of the same name. Much catchier than the previous single, "Breathe In" is an exhilarating production with great lyrics and refreshing beats. The power of Lucie's voice is also exploited well in this song, and you could find yourself singing it for several days.

* * * * * (Marcelo Cidral)

After the brilliant ballad "What You're Made Of", hopes were high for Lucie's second single. Then she decided to stand away from her piano and sing an uptempo song. Quite simply, it's a major shock from what you'd be expecting, and is frankly a major disappointment. She was doing so well as the UK's answer to Delta Goodrem, but this song does her no favours at all.

* * (matthew_dixon)

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