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Released: 7th February 2000.

Hepburn - Deep Deep DownHepburn are a pretty talented quartet, but the vocals on this track will make you cringe. Following the success of "I Quit" and the less successful "Bugs", they return with a member-swap, as the drummer has been replaced. Not as catchy as "I Quit", this is still a good track with some great production, but the tune doesn't do lead singer Jamie any favours at all. The song nevertheless has a very unique feel.

* * * * (DS)

Hepburn caused a brief flutter of excitement for me last year. They play their own instruments, produced a couple of good singles and a few superb B-sides. So I was somewhat upset to pick up a copy of their eponymous album and find it loaded with bad music. They've been trying to release "Deep Deep Down" for months now, and it still hasn't been getting airplay for a good reason - it's appalling. Don't buy it. Badly produced, poorly written pop from a band who have so much more to do.

* (Stephen Moore)

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