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Released: 18th September 2000.

Billie Piper - Something Deep InsideAfter her storming comeback with "Day & Night", Billie Piper continues her grown-up (and welcomed) change of style with another cracking pop song which has a slight R&B hint. Any other time this would be a chart topper, but I feel the competition this week (particularly a savaging of a Phil Collins classic) might just pip her to it.

* * * * * (Rob Lynch)

After her No. 1 hit, "Day & Night", the second single from Billie's forthcoming second album "Walk Of Life" is likely to have a similar impact. Again, it's pop with an R&B sound, but it seems to work even better than before. The result is an equally addictive and probably more musically credible track.

* * * * * (DS)

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