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Released: 24th January 2005.

The Lovefreekz - ShineWere it not for Elvis, this dance track would have a good chance of hitting No. 1. In a similar vein to releases from Soul Central and Stonebridge earlier this year, "Shine" is a summery and breezy French-sounding track. The title says it all really. This is disco-house as it should be, and while it would have done better as a summer release, it should still do pretty well if radio airplay is anything to go by.

* * * * * (Ilya Khorkov)

"Shine" is based on a sample from ELO's 1979 hit "Shine A Little Love". It's been imaginatively cropped and filtered, and cleverly placed around the track so that it doesn't easily become boring. Too bad The Lovefreekz had to re-create that sample on their own due to copyright reasons. Be that as it may, "Shine" is a great house record that should enter the Top 20 with ease.

* * * * (grybop)

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