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Released: 24th January 2005.

Ashlee Simpson - La LaHoping to rock her way back into the chart, Ashlee follows up "Pieces Of Me" with a great rock/pop song. "La La" hits all the right buttons with a steady, strong beat throughout and a pulsating electric guitar. The lyrics are crazy, while floor-filling chorus will have many singing and tapping along to the theme of just letting go. The video is perhaps a little disappointing, but the highlight of the song is the end with its repeating "La Las" which make it memorable. Should hopefully get her another Top 10 hit.

* * * * * (westhammer)

Ashlee Simpson is probably the last person who deserves a record deal. She's getting famous off her sister, and she can't even sing (unlike her sister). That doesn't necessarily mean that this radio-friendly, commercial, pseudo-rock song isn't one of the best and catchiest things ever to be produced by a talentless rock wannabe like Ashlee. Hats off to the co-writers!

* * * * (Alexi)

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