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Released: 31st January 2005.

Duran Duran - What Happens TomorrowDuran Duran are back with the second single from their latest album "Astronaut", proving once again that they can do pretty much anything. "What Happens Tomorrow" is a beautiful ballad, in a similar vein to "(Reach Up For The) Sunrise". Strong instruments and powerful vocals make for a song as catchy as their older works. If all goes well, the Durans may yet have another Top 10 hit on their hands.

* * * * (Ilya Khorkov)

Fresh from their comeback single "(Reach Up For The) Sunrise", the 80s new wave group release another sure-fire hit single. The thought-provoking lyrics may not catch on instantly, but after a few listens, their full power is quickly realised. They've been at it for over 20 years, and still haven't lost their touch.

* * * * (FreakyFlyBry)

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