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Released: 31st January 2005.

Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna LiveGood Charlotte return with the second offering from their latest album. After the angst of "Predictable", this contrasting pop-tinged track stands out as an incredibly catchy song. "I Just Wanna Live" has huge commercial appeal, and has the same irresistible, anthemic quality about it as their biggest single "Girls And Boys". Coupled with an enormously quirky video, the wide appeal of this track should help the guys secure a big hit in the charts.

* * * * * (loopdaloop_69)

The punk/pop band Good Charlotte this time release a song that's more on the pop side. "I Just Wanna Live" has a catchy sound overall, but it somewhat lacks what their other songs have had. Still, it's a decent enough effort for them, but it's not likely to become one of their most memorable songs.

* * * (FreakyFlyBry)

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