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Released: 7th February 2005.

Daniel Bedingfield - Wrap My Words Around YouSo Daniel's latest album "Second First Impression" 'flopped', spending only a few weeks in the Top 75. Last week, however, it reappeared, and for one reason only - this single. "Wrap My Words Around You" is a radio-friendly track which sees Daniel letting rip on a powerful chorus, accompanied by some great harmony work in the verses. Easily the best single choice from the album, and while it deserves to be his fourth UK No. 1, Elvis might have something to say about that. The best song of 2005 so far.

* * * * * (king_oxymoron)

Catchier than his previous single "Nothing Hurts Like Love" "Wrap My Words Around You" has a nice beat and a good instrumental layout. It feels a bit rushed though, reaching a climax unexpectedly, and is over all too quickly. As such it's quite a disappointment. It really should be longer, as it makes hardly any kind of impression.

* * * (Alexi)

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