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Released: 2nd October 2000.

All Saints - Black CoffeeIt's time for a new single from All Saints, and they've brought back William Orbit as co-writer and producer. A wise decision, considering their last collaboration resulted in the best-selling single of 2000. Unfortunately, the same won't be said of "Black Coffee". Although it is great and very hummable, it lacks the majesticality of "Pure Shores". Having said that, it's easily one of their best songs yet, but after "Pure Shores" we don't want just great music, we want fantastic music.

* * * * (Zaki Jumahri)

All Saints follow up "Pure Shores" which was No. 1 in February with this song, which is similar in style and just as boring. It comes from their forthcoming album "Saints And Sinners", and though I don't really like it, it is beginning to grow on me. This will probably get to No. 1 despite it being a very busy week, and that they've done very little promotion.

* * * (Ben Cook)

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