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Released: 7th February 2005.

Destiny's Child feat. T.I. And Lil Wayne - SoldierAfter not exactly fulfilling fan expectations with their latest album "Destiny Fulfilled", Beyoncé, Kelly & Michelle release the only other song on the record worthy of a single release. Sonically more endearing than their past few tracks, and with a progressively catchy hook, Destiny's Child look to have a hit on their well-manicured hands with "Soldier" - but will it be their last?

* * * * (Muzikritik)

After a strong comeback with "Lose My Breath", "Soldier" goes against the grain of their feminist "Independent Women" type songs. The production stands out, but becomes quite annoying after a while, and Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle are certainly not on top form vocally. It is passable, but they've done much better.

* * (Paul Matthews)

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