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Released: 7th February 2005.

The Noise Next Door - Calendar GirlJust who do these guys think they are? Singing about girls all the time will get them nowhere! These guys are trying to be the new Busted, but they sing totally out of tune. Their first single "Lock Up Ya Daughters" has already proved that their songs are both weak and boring, and this will do no better than that one. They look both cheesy and stupid in the video, and that could put them in a difficult position.

* (Shane Hamblin)

Someone, somewhere, with a lot of power has finally lost it. I don't know who thought that this cheesy, horribly sung pop song deserved to be released, but I think when people catch on to the rubbish trying to be marketed here, the culprit will be in a lot of trouble. Easily the worst line up for a 'we're not a boy band' boy band, and an almost definite contender for top of the flops 2005.

* (JS)

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