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Released: 14th February 2005.

Angel City - SunriseLara and her Angel crew are back again to guide us slowly into the summer with the catchiest Angel City track so far. Lara's vocals are as smooth and sexy as ever, and this undeniably points to a well-deserved second, and possibly highest, Top 10 entry. The album "Love Me Right" is out soon, and hopefully it will continue to provide us with excellent poppy/dancey music.

* * * * * (Chris)

Lara McAllen believes this track is "the catchiest thing we've done by far". Really? If she means the original 2003 version by Ashiva, then she's probably right. But if she meant what they've done with this track, she's completely wrong. Even less impressive than "Touch Me" and "Do You Know (I Go Crazy)", "Sunrise" is the next chapter in the career of Angel City, who lost so much since releasing the brilliant "Love Me Right". The tune is just plain boring and hollow - little more than many similar Euro-trance tracks we hear everyday, and the vocals seems to be weaker than ever.

* * (Ilya Khorkov)

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