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Released: 14th February 2005.

Atomic Kitten - CradleA year after they announced they were taking a break, Atomic Kitten have reunited for this charity single. Although it might seem pointless to release a four year old song which appeared on their debut album, there's no denying "Cradle" is a great ballad. The production on this new version sounds a bit cheap, but the girls have re-recorded the vocals, which now sound better than ever. While we wait for the solo projects of Jenny and Liz, and the official reunion of the group in 2006, this is a pleasant offering which should land them another Top 10 hit. It also serves to remind us how good Atomic Kitten are at doing enjoyable pop music.

* * * * (Xevi)

Atomic Kitten have released many catchy, sweet, pop songs, but this one unfortunately just doesn't hit the spot. As it's for charity though, it may do well, but the vocals are poor, and it isn't one of their best efforts. Songs like "The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling)" show off their vocals better, but this is far too boring. This will probably their final single, so let's hope they can do better with their solo projects.

* * (Shane Hamblin)

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