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Released: 21st February 2005.

The guy with a thousand names is back with his first release since "The Sun Is Shining (Down On Me)". For his latest single, Darren Tate (aka Jurgen Vries among others) has once again teamed up with Andrea Britton, the vocalist he worked with on "Take My Hand". Her part is nothing short of brilliant, while Darren's trance sound is instantly recognisable. On first listen, it's easy to see how talented the two are, as "Winter" really conveys the images of a frosty winter day. Hopefully the public will appreciate it and the track will chart in the Top 20, though "Winter" really deserves to do even better.

* * * * * (Ilya Khorkov)

Back with another single under his DT8 alias, legendary London-based producer Darren Tate really does prove that there's life yet to be found in trance after a well-documented dip in its popularity. And "Winter" really is divine - superbly orchestrated and constructed, he really does capture the frosty chill of the season in its haunting melody. Add in some superb vocals from the ever-reliable Andrea Britton, and you have perhaps the strongest trance release in ages. A stunning piece of work.

* * * * * (Cypher)

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