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Released: 21st February 2005.

"The World Is Mine" is David Guetta's first UK single since "Just A Little More Love" back in 2003. For this track, the multi-talented house DJ/producer has invited JD Davis, resulting in, probably, David's best single to date. It has a fine beat, is melodious, and the dancefloors have been going mad about it. House music at its best, "The World Is Mine" should be able to crack the Top 20, as it deserves to.

* * * * * (Ilya Khorkov)

Cited not too long back as Pete Tong's essential new tune on his popular radio show, French house producer David Guetta collaborates with male vocalist JD Davis for another venture into the more commercial side of deep house. As was the case with "Just A Little More Love", he succeeds in tingeing his work with a slightly darker, more foreboding dimension, creating something that is both uplifting, yet strangely edgy at the same time. The commercial package also features a superb percussion-based remix from Deep Dish.

* * * * (Cypher)

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