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Released: 21st February 2005.

Nelly feat. Tim McGraw - Over And OverA strong contender to prevent Elvis from getting another No. 1 this week is a new ballad from Nelly. Having teamed up with country singer Tim McGraw, the rapper has created a song similar to his No. 1 hit "Dilemma". Excellent production, smooth vocals and quality rapping are the essence of "Over And Over", and should see the song rush to make the Top 5. A perfect sequel to "Tilt Ya Head Back".

* * * * * (Ilya Khorkov)

Nelly returns with another track from his "Suit" album, following his duet with Christina Aguilera and his No. 1 single "My Place / Flap Your Wings". "Over And Over" is a lovely song, which shows he can do slow tracks just as well as the uptempo ones. This will hopefully be another big hit - probably not a No. 1, although it deserves to be.

* * * * (CH)

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