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Released: 21st February 2005.

Dance music seems to be enjoying something of a revival at the moment, and this is one of the tracks that look set to make a bit of a splash in the charts. "Need To Feel Loved" is an atmospheric slice of house, taking inspiration from some gorgeous strings from the "Road To Perdition" soundtrack. These simmer underneath an emotional, yet strong vocal from Delline Bass, and some hypnotising drum beats, forming a well crafted song that cries out to be heard.

* * * * * (loopdaloop_69)

A fantastic dance song, with a brilliant remix by Thrillseekers who give it a trancey touch. This has been getting some decent airplay on the main dance stations, so could very well be a big hit next week. The lyrics are easy to follow, while the melody is haunting and will stay in your head for days. This is a tough week for singles, but with a bit of luck, enough people will buy this to make sure it's successful.

* * * * * (Andre Caetano)

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