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Released: 28th February 2005.

Cabin Crew - Star To FallThis song's going to be a dance classic! Cabin Crew have had success with this dancefloor tune back in Australia, and have decided to release it here in the UK. It's been signed up by Ministry Of Sound, but a week later, Sony BMG, who owned the original, recognised how much of a success Cabin Crew's version was going to be and decided to create their own version by the Sunset Strippers. Cabin Crew's version is so much better though, and the video's a great laugh. Boy Meets Girl, who originally released "Waiting For A Star To Fall", have even said they're huge fans of Cabin Crew's version. It's going to be a battle to see who'll get highest in the chart, but Cabin Crew for No. 1!

* * * * * (Carlsberg1)

"Star To Fall" follows the style of other remixed 80s tracks. Having heard this song being played in clubs for months, I think it's set to be a huge hit. There are two versions of it going around, but the Cabin Crew version is definitely the more club-friendly one, with a strong beat and an awesome build up in the middle of the song. The United Nations remix of the track is pretty amazing too. Another awesome release from Ministry Of Sound.

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