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Released: 28th February 2005.

Stereophonics - DakotaThere are some nice, safe certainties in music, and the ability of the Stereophonics to come up with the goods every time is one of them. After just two listens, you realise this is one of their greatest moments ever. Somewhat of a departure from their normal stuff, it's decidedly more upbeat than usual, whilst managing to avoid being quite as poppy as "Have A Nice Day". Not being a particularly heavy track, the Stereophonics have seen exactly where music is going and joined along, doing their own music in that style. It works exceptionally well, and if there was ever a chance of a Stereophonics No. 1 single, this would most definitely be it.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

Stereophonics return with the fabulous "Dakota", their first hit since "Moviestar" a year ago. Sounding driven, direct and focused, even from the first listen, "Dakota" reverberates in your head more than anything else they've released, and Kelly Jones has got the vocals spot on this time around.

* * * * * (Paul Matthews)

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