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Released: 2nd October 2000.

Stephen Gately - I BelieveAfter his powerful debut single, hopes were high for the next single from Stephen's first album away from Boyzone. But does this live up to the rest of the band? Yes and no - it passes, but is definitely not as instant as "New Beginning", and generally requires a bit more time to grow on you. Nevertheless, it's very unlikely this will be a flop, and should notch up Stephen's second Top 10 hit.

* * * (DS)

Boring! Very bland ballad from the one in Boyzone who can't sing for toffee. He mimed this on all his TV performances except for one, where he was embarrassingly flat for the first few lines. I think it's utter rubbish, and radio DJs seem to agree, but it's bound to make the Top 10 on Sunday just because he's in Boyzone.

* (Ben Cook)

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