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Released: 7th March 2005.

McFly - All About You / You've Got A FriendSo the Comic Relief single baton is handed down to those cheeky chappies in McFly, and what a great pair of songs they've done. The first one, "All About You", is a sweet and breezy springtime love declaration that isn't at all sickly. The harmonising of Tom and Danny is buzzy and beautiful like a bee, and the video is great too. Meanwhile, "You've Got A Friend" is a bit more stripped down, and the video is a little tear-jerking to watch (it's shot in Uganda). still, if you buy any record this week, make it this. A great single, perfect for spring and all for a good cause. Can't get any better than that really.

* * * * * (Gigabeata)

McFly are back with what can be safely described as the best Comic Relief single for ages. "All About You" might be a re-hash of "Obviously", but it has a nice melody and is pleasant, if not spectacular. "You've Got A Friend", on the other hand, is a beautiful song originally, but McFly's arrangement is a little too downbeat.

* * * (Paul Matthews)

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