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Released: 7th March 2005.

Planet Funk - The SwitchPlanet Funk is an Italian dance music legend. "The Switch", taken from Planet Funk's debut album "Non Zero Sumness", was released in Europe two years ago, and features vocals from UK singer Dan Black. It's an excellent dance track, with a nice melody and a great house rhythm that suits both radio and the clubs. Every now and then, dance music appears from an artist that can be described as talented, and "The Switch" is definitely that.

* * * * (Jon)

Planet Funk have been around for a while now, and in particular so has this song. It was used last year in a car advert, and so deservedly gets a single release. It's a really cool slice of dance music that deserves to be a huge hit. Hopefully it will make the Top 40, if not higher.

* * * * (Tom Eames)

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