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Released: 7th March 2005.

Sunset Strippers - Falling StarsThe definitive UK club version of that now infamous Boy Meets Girl track finally touches down courtesy of the Brighton-based Sunset Strippers. Championed initially by Judge Jules towards the end of last year, the buzz around this track has been enormous, even sparking the signing of a rival offering. So, is it any good? Well, you can say what you like about the simplistic formulation of these 80s samplers, but there's no question that they can, and do, work. The Strippers really have woven their magic here, and produced something so catchy and uplifting, it's not hard to see why this has amassed so much attention from radio, TV and the club scene alike. A real gem of a track!

* * * * * (Cypher)

Cheesier than a stinking gorgonzola, Sunset Strippers revel in the 80s-ness of "Falling Stars". It's the type of song that you just can't take seriously, but you can't help but dance to. At the same time though, it is very disposable, and it loses its initial cheesy appeal rather quickly.

* * (Paul Matthews)

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