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Released: 7th March 2005.

Tweet feat. Missy Elliott - Turn Da Lights OffTweet's first single off her sophomore album "It's Me Again" is great! Produced by Kwame, the beat is flawless, original, and brings back the old school flava that all soul fans crave. Tweet's vocals are on point and the lyrics are seductive. The song's only flaw is Missy Elliott. She brings nothing to the song, and in fact, with her repetitive hollering and pointless rap, she brings down the song. Nevertheless, I give the song four stars, and were it not for Missy it would have certainly got maximum marks.

* * * * (Tony)

Tweet returns to the music scene with her highly-anticipated new single, the sexy slice of slow-jam R&B that is "Turn Da Lights Off". An infectious groove, coupled with the seductive yet delicate vocals of Tweet, create the perfect comeback. The production from Missy Elliott adds that touch of old school soul and brings a hint of hip-hop into the mix. However, the one minor downside is that you can't help but be irritated by Missy's shouts and lacklustre rapping.

* * * * (Mike)

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