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Released: 14th March 2005.

Beverley Knight - Keep This Fire BurningBeverley Knight releases one of her best singles to date with this great song. With its meaningful verses and a stomping, uplifting chorus, Bev's cover of an old hit really is this week's standout track. Put this down as a Bev classic alongside "Shoulda Woulda Coulda", "Gold", "Sista" and the wasted by terrible promotion, "Shape of You". It's exactly what the doctor ordered, as it will no doubt re-ignite interest in her "Affirmation" album. It's just a shame the video is so poor.

* * * * * (Marc-Cork)

Beverley always appeals to a wide audience, but this song will blow you away. The music and the lyrics just work. Her soulful vocals and personality give this song an unmatched quality, and will give the other singles out this week a run for their money. She should at least get a Top 20 placing with this, but deserves to go in much higher.

* * * * * (Shane Hamblin)

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