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Released: 21st March 2005.

50 Cent - Candy ShopWhilst the success of 50's sophomore release "The Massacre" has been clouded recently due to conflicts between himself and other hip-hop heavyweights, there's no denying Mr. Cent can make a choon. With hip-hop diva Olivia, and plenty of candy-as-sex innuendo on board, "Candy Shop" should put him back on the musical map. In fact, the hot production and addictive beat should see this become his biggest charting UK single in a while.

* * * * (Muzikritik)

Essentially a re-hash of "Magic Stick", a previous collaboration with Lil' Kim, this is the lead single off 50 Cent's sophomore album. This time with (an under-used) Olivia on board, it may not be as much fun as the aforementioned song, but it's certainly a great piece of dancefloor fodder. Although completely unoriginal, using a combination of formulas such as ethnic string samples and suggestive lyrics, the production is top notch. It turns what could easily have been a tiresome piece of dirge into 50 Cent's best single since "In Da Club".

* * * (Dan Hughes)

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