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Released: 21st March 2005.

The Faders - No Sleep TonightMolly, Toy and Cherisse are the new trio representing female rock in the UK. "No Sleep Tonight" is a track you could listen to for ages. It's is one of the best singles out this week, and hopefully these girls can become as popular as McFly. They're funky, cute and aggressive, and are bound to be successful. If you buy any singles this week, this should definitely be one of them. Watch out for these girls, 'cos they won't be fading away!

* * * * * (Shane Hamblin)

Aiming to be the next big thing in rock, The Faders have somewhat failed in their quest - owing to the fact that they're simply too pop to make it. Instead, The Faders appear to have picked up some of Busted's former fanbase with what is a very decent pop/rock song. Lacks that extra spark for it to be an amazing track though.

* * * (matthew_dixon)

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