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Released: 2nd October 2000.

Taken from Whitney's greatest hits album, this duet is brilliant stuff, taking the superdiva to new depths. Not satisfied with being the reigning queen of R&B, Ms Houston takes a step into the Latin field with Enrique Iglesias. The result is, unsurprisingly, an amazing single which, though unlikely to go down as one of >her best ever, will probably become one of his. Highly recommended.

* * * * * (DS)

Whitney Houston is a great artist, gifted with a fantastic voice, but what in the world is she doing with Enrique Iglesias? Of course he can sing, but with his breathy vocals, and Whitney's strong voice, it doesn't quite work together, and the result is just bland. I'm not very much into duets, and this one proves why.

* (Marvin van der Weyde)

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