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Released: 21st March 2005.

Mario - Let Me Love YouNobody could have guessed that bland R&B teen Mario, remembered most for his semi-hit "Just A Friend" two years ago, would have a hit as huge as this. Technically, it's a by-the-numbers, overly-polished male R&B slow jam, done many times before (with more endearing lyrics and better videos), and yet this slick song is incredibly irresistible. Mario's smooth vocals slide effortlessly along the mid-tempo track's catchy hook, and the sincerity with which the rising star performs the lyrics is just one of the reasons this song has become such an unexpected and deserved success - Stateside and globally.

* * * * * (Muzikritik)

From his "Turning Point" album, Mario's US No. 1 looks set to do big things on this side of the pond as well. It's hard to see why though; "Let Me Love You" is about as safe and generic an R&B song as you can get. Mario's vocals may admittedly be silky smooth, but they ultimately just don't cut it.

* * * (Paul Matthews)

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