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Released: 28th March 2005.

Like most of Elvis's singles, "(You're The) Devil In Disguise" was recorded in zero time (a few hours to be exact) and hit the market soon afterwards. Needless to say it became a huge hit, and quite deservedly so, as it's one of his most enjoyable songs. It has a tempo so fast, it brings a smile to your face, if not the desire to get up and dance. At the time this was released though, music was evolving rapidly, and the King, still faithful to rock & roll, would soon find following a No. 1 hit with another to be a difficult task.

* * * (grybop)

Hang on in there, we're nearly at the end now! Only a few more songs to put up with, if you're already sick to the back teeth of The King. Sadly, we're back onto one of his weaker efforts here, with lyrics about looking, walking and talking like an angel making you want to puke at times. Let's just be thankful that the list is nearing the end.

* * (matthew_dixon)

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