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Released: 28th March 2005.

Rachel Stevens - Negotiate With LoveA year ago, Rachel Stevens' solo career was on the verge of being thrown in the pop bin, but fortunately she's now become one of the most interesting pop acts. "Negotiate With Love", the first single from her forthcoming second album, is probably the best thing she's done yet - a funky and highly addictive pop song that swims through an irresistible surf-guitar riff and an electronic atmosphere. Rachel delivers her sultry vocals through clever lyrical content, before launching into an incredibly captivating hook. Pop music doesn't get much better than this, so expect it to become another Top 10 hit for her.

* * * * * (Xevi)

Rachel is fast becoming the post-millennial Debbie Harry of pop. This is another killer single from the one-woman tour-de-force who brought us two of the best songs of recent years (who can forget "Some Girls"?) Despite sounding like an electro-glam hybrid of Garbage, Girls Aloud and the aforementioned Blondie, "Negotiate With Love" has the most fresh and original sound to hit the airwaves in a long time. So infectious that we can finally forgive her horrendous cover of "More More More". Almost.

* * * * * (tripthestation)

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